Midori: The Future is NOW!

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Welcome to the year 2020 where it is now socially acceptable to admit you like Midori! Once relegated to backbar obscurity and only enjoyed semi-ironically Midori is ready for you to escort it into a new era of melon-flavored glowing-green adult beverages. Underbelly North Park with its neighborhood-friendly bites provides a safe haven for like-minded Midori enthusiasts and novices alike. Please join us late night for some of San Diego’s best bao buns alongside crushable drinks made with your favorite green Japanese liqueur. Come early for the exclusive swag: fresh neon-green hoodies (available in limited quantities). Stay late for some of North Park’s best bar bites and industry-forward drinks. Welcome to the future my faithful Midorians. RSVP below:



Underbelly North Park

3000 Upas St, San Diego
San Diego, CA 92104
United States

32.7414894, -117.1299222