Fernet-Times at Coin-Op High


Who is going to be this year's Bartenders Weekend King and Queen? Join us at Coin-Op Gaslamp dressed in your best 80’s prom attire! Enjoy delicious Malfy gin and Fernet-Branca cocktails, vote for your favorite King and Queen, get your prom picture taken and leave with some sweet swag. First 90 people in line with a Zoltar fortune will get a Fernet-Branca coin, with more coin opportunities throughout the party.

We will be crowning this year 2019 Bartenders Weekend King and Queen. So submit a picture, your name, where you work, and a sentence or two on why you think you should be this year's Bartenders Weekend King or Queen.

Anyone that wants in on this must submit by February 22nd to: fernetrep@gmail.com.

Then there will be online voting from 8 am February 25th - 6 pm March 3rd and this will be announced by 6:30 pm!! The top 3 Kings and Queens will leave with a Bartender’s Weekend Fernet-Branca coin, and the winning King and Queen will also get a Fernet-Branca beach cruiser with a coveted Crown and Tierra along with a sash and scepter!!! Click the link below for details.



Coin Op in the Gaslamp

789 Sixth Ave
San Diego, CA 92101
United States

32.7133772, -117.1589196